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Default Movi/Provisioning directory filtering


Is it possible to create a phonebook source where you filter in the provisioning directory so i get certain entries in the phonebook and not the whole provisioning directory ?
fx. if i have two groups "HQ" and "Branch1" and i want a phonebook where only the "Branch1" are listed.

TMS 13.1.2 not using AD atm.


Hmm found a simular post...

Originally Posted by Mat.Ryan View Post
Hi All,
I am hoping someone has come up with a solution for this as I think it could be a common problem.
Our provisioning directory has multiple folders, is there a way to set up a phone book source to link to the folders in the provisioning directory and not the whole directory itself?

Originally Posted by DRI View Post
No, unfortunately not.


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Not that I am aware of. I believe we submitted a feature request for this because we wanted to have greater granularity in Movi phonebooks.
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13.2 can do this. Phonebook Sources can be based upon provisioning folders, not the entire provisioning directory.
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I cant figure that out. Can you tell me how i can do that ? To me it looks like the old TMS phonebook sources... Do i need the PE before it works ?

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Yes, TMSPE is preferred. And to do this, simply create a PB Source and then select the PB Source called 'Cisco TMS Provisioning Directory' and then select the specific groups appropriately, i.e. note the word 'groups' vs. 'folders'
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