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Default Forgot password for Tandberg VC

Hi all,i just join here~nice to meet you! I would like to know if i forgot "ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD" in TANDBERG VC. Can i recover it by myself?
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If you never changed it from the defalt its TANDBERG all caps. If you did change it there are ways to reset it but alot depends on what leval of security you set the codec to before you lost it. If you havent done anything you can go through the data port with a com cable and use the command ippassword "" (yes two quotes with nothing in them)

Hope that helps
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And if you don't care for the strong password requirement that T-Bergs seem to love so much, you can simply enter 'strict password off' (sans quotes). It's been a while since I've used it, so I can't recall if there are hyphens in between, no spaces, or what, but there aren't that many combinations that can be used.
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Default Password

Yup - just run

strictpassword off
ippassword ""


you should be good to go
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Originally Posted by david.morin View Post
Yup - just run

strictpassword off
ippassword ""


you should be good to go
I ran the same commands in Hyperterminal for my Tandberg MXP 880 and it worked. I could see all the menu options after i rebooted with no password needed.
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