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OK, this is an attempt at a comprehensive listing. So what did we miss?

G.711 Audio encoding at 64K bit/s (mu-law and A-law) uncompressed.

G.722 Audio CODEC. 7 KHz sample at 64K bit/s (hifi voice)

G.723.1 Audio CODEC. Dual Rate Speed at 6.4 and 5.3K bit/s.

G.728 Audio CODEC. 16K bit/s speech

G.729 ( A & B ) Audio CODEC. 8K bit/s speech (Conjugate structure- algebraic code excited linear prediction or CS-ACELP to its friends)

H.221 Frame structure for 64 to 1920K bit/s channel in udiovisual services

H.221.1 Multiplexing and synchronisation of multi-mdeia information for audiovisual communications in ATM environment.

H.223 Multiplexing Protocols for Low Bitrate Multimedia standards

H.225.0 Media Stream Packetization and synchronization on non-guaranteed Quality of Service LANs (Call control and RTP/RTCP)

H.230 Frame-synchronous Control and Indication signals for Audiovisual systems

H.231 Multi-point Control Unit for Audiovisual systems using Digitral Channels up to 2M bit/s

H.242 System for establishing communication between three or more audiovisual terminals using digital channels up to 2M bit/s

H.245 Control Protocol for Multimedia Communication (Terminal property exchange)

H.261 Video encoding

H.263 Video encoding (enhanced H.261)

H.320 Framework for transmitting audio and video over circuit switched digital networks (primarily ISDN)

H.321 Visual Telephone Terminals over ATM

H.322 Visual Telephone Terminals over Guaranteed QoS LANs

H.323 Visual Telephone Terminals over Non-Guaranteed QoS LANs

H.324 Audio and Video over POTS at less than 20K bit/s

T.120 Introduction to the audiographics and audiovisual conferencing recommendations

T.121 Generic Application Template

T.122 Multi-point communication service for audiographics and audiovisual conferencing service definition

T.123 Protocol stack for audiographics and audiovisual teleconference applications

T.124 Generic Conference Protocol

T.125 Multipoint communication service protocol specification

T.126 Still image protocol specification

T.127 Multi-point binary file transfer protocol

T.128 Audiovisual control for Multipoint Multimedia Systems
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Here are some major ones not listed -

G.722.1 Audio CODEC. 7 KHz sample at 24 and 32 K bit/s (hifi voice)

H.239 - ITU standard for multiple video streams in a conference - to replace Tandberg's DuoVideo and Polycom's People+Content as a means of sending two video streams in a conference.

H.264 - Latest video encoding - based on MPEG-4

H.281 - Far End End Camera Control

T.140 - Text chat with multimedia

H.233 - Confidentiality systems for audiovisual service - H.320.

H.234 - Encryption key management and authentication system for audiovisual services - H.320.

H.235 - Security and encryption for H.323.

BONDING - Bandwidth ON Demand INteropablitity Group - framing for ISDN for 56 kbps to 2 Mbps - similar to H.221. Not an ITU standard, but used by all major manufacturers as de facto standard.
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I noticed H350 absent from the list..

H350- Directory Services for multimedia
Uses LDAP to store video, voice and collaborative multimedia information.
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Glen Sykes
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H.324M - Actually defined as Annex C of H.324, however H.324M includes mechanisms for increased reliability for operation over error-prone networks.

MPEG-4 AAC-LD - ITU Ratified High Quality (20Khz sample rate) Audio Algorithm.
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Here is a .pdf from tanberg that sums up standards pretty well.

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Default One more Standard Missed

Dear All,

We missed out H.241 which would specify and include the new H.264 and H.239 without which an endpoint or an MCU would not be able to commuicate on the above protocols.
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It is really??
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Yes! Nice information that you have shared with us.

Thank you very much!
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Hi, its a so nice and good site ever. Its a really great and fantastic post here in this site. So, thank you for the sharing of your ideas and thoughts to all of us.
This site is very helpful for me and others
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Default good advice

after reading this list, I got many ideas, so when I use a video converter, I know the video codec question,I know how to choose.
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