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Default CTS and CUBE/ASA?

Does anyone know if it's supported to make a CTS to CTS (B2B) call between two different companies across the Internet? Ie, via a CUBE or ASA on each side? I've seen where CUBE is supported in SP environments (from its perspective, it should just look like a SIP call and not be aware - or care - that TIP is happening inside).

It seems to me if there is simply some type of SIP NAT/FW Traversal device between the two sites, the CUCMs should be able to signal with each other and media flow between. Maybe take some static NAT on the FW, but should be possible.

Anyone tried or have any info?


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The Cube is Awesome for Voice, but everything else it is basically a pile of junk. It gets in the middle of the call and messes with things. While I have not specifically used it for TIP connections, anything where the newer versions of H.323 are being used it basically killed the calls.

The reason it killed the calls was due to the fact that it had to understand the Audio codec that was negotiated and since it is did not understand G.722.1 Annex C it would not let the call pass. If we reduced the audio codec to G.722, G.711 or a cube supported codec the calls would work.

Don't even get me started on CUBE's H.239 support. At least with an ASA you can open ports and tell it to ignore/allow certain things to happen.

Scott Hipsak
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cts b2b

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