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Default How big was the largest conference you had to manage?

I'm curious how often people fill up an MCU with one call or even use cascading. I had one recently that was a mix of video and audio participants that was 328 participants across 3 RMX's.

Anyone hit the thousands?
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renjith mohan
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38 is the maximum I ever made.But that was in single MCU.

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I am at a hospital. We mostly do education not "business" or commericially bridged calls.

We did a 25 video 15 audio geriatric grand rounds from our MCU. There were 20-25 sites connecting through to through three other 3 MCUs located at at far ends of the state. An addition there were 3-5 conferences with 3-5 connections including a patient consult that we were monitoring. Might not seem too impressive but we thought it was a great accomplishment for staff of 2.
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200 sites across the world running on 7 MGC100s with a sat. dowlink broadcasting the video. It was fun coordinating, building all the cascades and running the call.
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My biggest one was a real sized test :

VCS cluster with 140 codecs across France, one MSE with 4 blades : 120 codecs connected by booking and almost everyone without any packet loss.. Except one on the end of a lousy ADSL connection...
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Nice one. Once you start connecting to other locations in different countries it gets real interesting. Mix ISDN with IP and it's another ballgame.
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Nice!! Have you guys ever just unmuted all the lines to hear the variety of background noise on a large call like that? I've heard everything from people ordering food in a drive thru to dogs barking.
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Originally Posted by zxc123 View Post
The stu New Jersey ******s you New Jersey ******s from seven to three days of the attack. Parcircumstances at the time, and how they felt. To find out whether the New Jersey ******s memories formed would be lasting ones, the group New Jersey ******s participants again
It's getting to the point where it is almost becoming annoying try to read new posts on the forum due to the amount of spam.

This is a great forum, and I know it takes a lot of work to admin and moderate a forum like, BUT, surely something more can be done.
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Are you looking for actual bodies in the call or endpoints?
We often use the system to connect up our large conference/auditorium rooms across three main campus locations, the UK, Ireland and a number of our larger US field offices. Each main campus room holds from 1200 to 2500 people and there might be 100 or so in each other location. The bigger sites use Barco video walls to suit the crowds.
Generally, we will mute all endpoints, but there are inevitable Q&A sessions where they will round robin from site to site. We man these events and generally have the site with the current speaker in Lecture mode and change that as they go from site to site. It can get confusing and often smooth operations are dependent on the weakest link in the mix (such as one of the sites not having mics turned on, etc) but generally we've gotten things down to a (albiet imperfect) science.
So for a final number, our biggest yet consisted of about 6000 people- not counting the folks that watched it via webcast (work from homes)

Not really the standard conference call- but a viable nonetheless.
Michael O. Libby, CTS
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